Insulin Resistance Webinar Part 1 (Basic Science)

£24.00 60 minutes

A common theme I have come across with my client work is that the vast majority of people who have been told they either have, or are at risk of developing, insulin resistance, are still very much in the dark as to exactly what that means. They turn to the internet for help, but this often results in a mixture of ongoing confusion, fear and shame. Recent fear mongering discussions about the supposed ‘dangers’ of glucose spikes, driven by the authority bias of healthcare professionals, have increased the demonisation of carbs and disordered eating.

Join me for an hour long group session as we discuss what can influence the development of insulin resistance in a non-stigmatising way, discussing sleep, movement, nutrition and the nuances around body size. What is the normal function of insulin? What can unmanaged insulin resistance result in? Are glucose spikes actually something to avoid at all costs? Is the need for medication in conditions such as type 2 diabetes, gestational diabetes and PCOS a failing?

After signing up you will be sent an email with a survey monkey link – please do fill this out in order to send in questions anonymously in advance!

8:00pm – 8:40pm webinar
8:40pm – 9:00pm pre-submitted/live questions

The webinar will be recorded and re-watchable for up to 2 weeks after the event.

Please note that this basic science webinar will only briefly touch on the potential management strategies of insulin resistance. A second webinar in the series will be announced shortly and will discuss the basics of management more intentionally.

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